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    Running for admin!

    June 25, 2014 by Incapitated

    Well, it's almost been a week since I joined this wiki community......if you can call this a community, that is. I know this wiki isn't very active. In fact, there are barely any people that come here, let alone work on it. So far, since I came, I've only seen two people editing and contributing. Including me. Now, I did a little research, and to request becoming an admin, you have to be active, create at least one page, be at least a week old on the wiki.....yada yada, blah blah. etc. And if the admin team or the bureaucrat team haven't been active for about 60 days (they haven't been active since half a year meaning.....180-ish days?), then that's another thing. If there hasn't been anyone else editing on the wiki (there's only been one …

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  • Incapitated


    June 19, 2014 by Incapitated

    I know that not a lot of you are active on this Wiki. In fact, there aren't a lot of people working on this thing. However, I would like to ask an admin, or the founder to somehow make it easier to access some of the newer pages from.....I dunno. Somewhere. Anywhere! At least put it out in the open so that it can be accessed and people may be able to use the information. So far, I've been trying my best to put stuff in relevant categories, but there's only so much that I, a new Wiki member and a regular random, can do. So I'd like to please ask someone who can to be considerate enough to make things open.

    I was also thinking about adding a new page that has a list of items. It'll have information like the name, what monster drop it is, wher…

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