This is the second main mission of the game. This time, instead of fighting and defeating a monster, you are required to find a Guild Certificate. This is a Find mission, where you go out to a field and look for an item of some sort. This mission takes place in Elna Plains: Land of Beginning. To get to the certificate, you have to cross the field, through the mobs of Blue Lizards and Gremlins, where you will see a special incident sign. It is a red incident sign outlined with a blue edge. Once you collect the guild certificate, you may then head back to the castle to complete the mission.

Description from mission log:

"Target: Find the Guild Certificate found in Elna Plains: Land of Beginning.
Requested By Guildmaster Vilnar
Can you find and bring back the Guild Certificate hidden somewhere in Elna Plains?"

After accepting mission

Upon returning to town

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