There are three missions in this Combat mission series, Axes In The Night, Wild Power, and Test of Strength III. They all take place in Gaia Ruins B1 and require you to find and defeat Orc Fighters which can be found in floors B1-B3. The first mission of the series is Axes In The Night and only needs you to defeat one Orc Fighter. However, in the next mission the number of Orc Fighters to defeat increases like in all Combat Mission series. The next mission is Wild Power and you have to defeat three Orc Fighters. The last mission of the series is Test of Strength III, but contrary to the name, it is not a main mission like the other Test of Strengths. It requires you to defeat five Orc Fighters.

Axes In The NightEdit

"Target: Dfeat an Orc Fighter, found around Gaia Ruins B1.

Requested By Guildmaaster Vilnar

The town's livestock are under attack. Can you help sort out this mess?"


  • 130 coins
  • 4 Rank Points

Wild PowerEdit

"Target: Defeat 3 Orc Fighters, found around Gaia Ruins B1.

Requested By Guildmaster Vilnar

They might not be smart, but all that brawn still poses a threat. Defeta them before they cause any more damage."


  • 155 coins
  • 8 Rank Points

Test of Strength IIIEdit

"Target: Defeat 5 Orc Fighters, found around Gaia Ruins B1.

Requested By Guildmaster Vilnar

You're definitely very strong. Prove it again by taking out five of these monsters in the Gaia Ruins."


  • 185 coins
  • 12 Rank Points

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