These missions are Combat missions. They all take place in Elna Plains: Malns Hills but can also be completed in Elna Plains: Glene Scar. The target for these missions are to find and defeat Flying Swords, each mission having a different number of Flying Swords to kill. The first mission is Trees Cut Down, requiring you to find and defeat one Flying Sword. After you complete that mission and safely return to the caste, the next mission, Flowers, is unlocked and you may accept it in the Castle Guild. This mission requires you to find and defeat 3 Flying Swords. Finally, the last mission of this series is the Muteable Are Human Affairs! mission, with a total of 5 Flying Swords to defeat.

Trees Cut DownEdit

"Target: Defeat a Flying Sword, found around Elna Plains: Malns Hills.

Requested By Armorer Pail

I keep seeing trees cut down outside town. Who's doing it, and why?"



  • 145 coins
  • 3 Rank Points


"Target: Defeat 3 Flying Swords, found around Elna Plains: Malns Hills.

Requested By Sundry Seller Anrietta

All the flowers along the path have been hacked to pieces! Who would do something so mean and nasty?"



  • 165 coins
  • 6 Rank Points

Muteable Are Human Affairs!Edit

"Target: Defeat 5 Flying Swords, found around Elna Plains: Malns Hills.

Requested By Beautician Bloom

I saw a monster literally chopped to pieces just outside of town! I can't go outside, I'm scared it will happen to me!"



  • 195 coins
  • 9 Rank Points

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