Daily rewards are prizes you get when you login every day. It starts from the near useless Healing Tonic S to the gold draw ticket and the last, goddess tears. Once you get goddess tears, it rolls back to the beginning.

Here is a list of the daily rewards from day to day:

(Note: it is not complete yet)

Day 1: healing tonic S
Day 2: 50 friend points
Day 3: cure all
Day 4: 200 coins
Day 5: bronze mana ticket
Day 6: 100 friend points
Day 7: healing tonic M
Day 8: 400 coins
Day 9: escape mist
Day 10: 150 friend points
Day 11: Treasure Key
Day 12: 400 Gold Coins
Day 13: Healing tonic G
Day 14: 200 friend points
Day 15: Sky Racer Compass
Day 16:

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