Dungeons are a special type of map where the player is not presented a minimap of the area and is forced to find their way through the place (unless they find a floor map). They consist of six floors that get progressively more difficult to explore with a final boss being on the last floor. To advance to the next floor, a door key is needed, which is located in a chest somewhere on the same floor. Maps and keys are placed in special chests that look more golden and have a blue jewel on the front. Traps are placed along the way that can harm players, creating the need to be careful. It is advised to switch to the D-Pad control in the Options button in the menu for easier and more accurate movement to avoid taking damage from getting hit by a trap.

Tutorial for D-Pad


There are many different types of traps from axes and arrows, to poison sprays.

Axes in dungeons either are swinging, or are crushing. The latter is easier to avoid.

Arrow traps can be spotted as arrows fly in a straight path. However, they are easy to stumble into if one is not careful. They are typically encountered in long rows.

Sprays/Spouts/Geysers can be evaded by careful timing. When hit, one can end up with one of several status ailments (which can be cured with a Cure All):

  • Poison (purple) damages the player over time if they are moving or in combat.
  • Fire (bright red) burns the player over time if moving or fighting.
  • Blindness (dark red) darkens the screen around the edges, making the field of vision narrower.
  • Freeze (blue) prevents the player from moving or fighting at all.
  • Confusion (yellow) reverses the direction the player moves or swipes in combat.

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